God is at work in Belize! It is to His glory that some of the best people in the USA are dedicated to spreading the Kingdom among some of the best people in Central America.

The seeds of simple New Testament Christianity were introduced into what was then called British Honduras in the 1970's. Today, Belize has about 500 faithful members of the churches of Christ scattered among about 14 local congrefations.

More and more missionaries are coming to Belize to build on the foundation that has been laid. As more come to Belize to work, it might be helpful to share details of planned missions so as to avoid druplication of efforts. We do not claim to be a clearing house, nor an official list; we simply want to share plans, and that is the only purpose for this website.

Take a look at the list of scheduled mission efforts for 2008. Rejoice that so much is being done.

If you would like to add your mission trip to the list, please email your information for inclusion on the list. Please include the dates, location, purpose, sponsor, a short description of your plans and contact information.

Send email to plans@belizemissions.net